Wednesday, August 10

Summer | PassionHoney Smoothie

Ohh the fresh fruits are tasting so good this year! Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, and now Blackberries! For this smoothie recipe it really depends on what taste you like best. If you like a more blueberry taste, add some more in and take something else out. :-) You can do that with any of the ingredients! I used a mixed pack of frozen fruit for this smoothie, but fresh fruit tastes much better. If you use fresh fruit, put in a little ice to make it thicker. If you are using frozen fruit, no need to add ice.

Also, if you like it thicker add in more fruit. If you like it thinner, take out some. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

If you have a summer recipe that uses honey let me know and we'll give it a try!



  1. Looks awesome! I did get caught up on "if you using frozen berries" though. I think it needs an "are" thrown in there. Love the pictures :)