Kids Thanksgiving Day Craft

The other day I did a craft with my 4 year old niece, 3 year old nephew, and 1 year old nephew. We created these Thankful Turkeys. It's amazing to sit down and listen to what a 4 year old is thankful for. They bring back the idea of being thankful for the little things in life, which we as adults tend to forget sometimes. Here are the steps to making this thankful turkey!

What you need:

2 piece of Brown Cardstock
2 pieces of Orange Cardstock
2 pieces of Red Cardstock
2 pieces of Yellow Cardstock
2 empty toilet paper rolls
2 dressing cups (you can get these at any deli)
2 pieces of cut red ribbon (1inch/each)
2 small paper plates
Black markers
Brown crayons

How you do it:
1. Trace kids hands on brown cardstock and cut out shape.
2.  Cut 1 sheet of brown paper to match the size of the toilet paper roll. Wrap around and tape onto the roll. Do this for each roll.
3. Use marker and color the dressing cup black (for the hat). And then color eyes and nose on the toilet paper roll.
4. Color the paper plates brown with the crayons.
5. Staple the plate and the cutout feet onto the plate as shown in the photo.
6. Take the colored cardstock and create leaves. Trace one leaf for all the leafs and then cut out. There should be 4 leaves of each color for each plate. Once those are done. Ask the kids what they are thankful for. Write down each thing on the leaf.

7. Glue on the red ribbon. Let sit a minute for it to dry.

8. If it does not stand up, take about 1/4 cup of coconut and put it in a small ziplock bag. Roll it and put it in the roll.

9. Put the hat back on and set on the table for decorations.

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