Friday, March 16

CranHoney White Chocolates

Have you ever made your own chocolates? Tried it with a little honey inside? Well...if you haven't, I really really think you should. It's a lot easier than it seems. Go to a local craft store and get a chocolate mold. I chose a square mold for these.  There should also be some Melts there, which is the chocolate used for making...chocolate. :-) I picked out the white chocolate to go with the Cranberry honey.

What you'll need:
Kid Paint Brush (new, not used) or a brush specifically for food.

First step: clean the mold and dry it. Using a double boiler, heat up the chocolate as the directions on the back of the package say. 

Second step: When the chocolate has fully melted, take the paint brush and slightly brush some of the chocolate in the mold. Make sure to brush a thin layer all around the individual mold leaving space in the middle open. Stick it in the freezer for about 45 seconds. Pull it out.

Third step: When the mold is out of the freezer, squeeze in a bit of CranHoney, just fill it right before it gets to the top of the mold.

Fourth step: Take a spoon and put more chooclate on the top of the honey. Make sure the honey is covered in the chocolate. Don't mix the honey and the newly added chocolate. This process should be done quickly so that the chocolate does not fall into the honey. Stick it back into the freezer for about 2 minutes.

Fifth step: Take out of the freezer and turn over the mold on a napkin or plate. If you want to make a fun design on the top, use the extra chocolate and dye it to whatever color you would like.

Mhmmmmm....Enjoy! :-)


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