Friday, April 1

Friday Store Highlight!

Every Friday we will be highlighting a store that is carrying our honey products! This week we are highlighting the Tillamook Cheese Factory. They have been carrying our products for several years and we all love heading out there to support them! If you get the chance it is a great place to stop for free cheese samples and tour of their factory!

Liz and I were checking out the supply of honey sticks in the shop area! We have a little competition going on to see if we can get our customers to like our favorite flavor. Personally, I love our CranHoney since it is a little sweet and tangy! Liz loves the PassionHoney because it is a little spunky and is citrus tasting! Which one do you like best?


  1. You can vote in the upper right hand corner! :-)


  2. We'll be in the Tillamook Cheese Factory area in the next couple of months, and will be sure to check out your product when there. Honey is a favorite on hot cereal at our house.